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Description :
Easily measure the floor area of rooms with our completely rewritten 'AR Tape Measure Camera' app or measure dimensions like height, length, width, size, rectangular areas and distance to camera. We are now using the ARKit augmented reality technology. While you look at your camera preview, 'AR Tape Measure Camera' overlays the camera view with virtual 3D measurements showing width, length, distance and height.

Without any tape measure or ruler you can easily measure walls, buildings or any other stuff. This app is a must for architects, booth builders, craftsmen, handymen, landscapers and technology keen individuals who quickly need to measure things without having a tape measure or ruler at hand. 'AR Tape Measure Camera' was one of the first live view measurement ruler apps in the market.

Watch our video here: https://ibn-software.com/tape-measure-camera#download

► Featured measurements

• Measure room area
• Measure height
• Measure width
• Measure length
• Measure distance (from camera location to object)
• Measure units in meter or imperial units
• No tape measure or ruler needed, just your iPhone

► Benefits of the Pro Version:

• No advertisements
• Enable "Room Area" measurement mode
• "Rectangular Area" measurement mode
• "Distance to camera" measurement mode

► Limitations

This app is not suited for applications where very exact ruler measurements are needed, e.g. in construction or architecture. Do not use it where exact length, distance, height or width measurement are required. In such cases please use a traditional tape measure or ruler! It is however perfect for good estimates of room size, furniture size, picture size, building size measurement etc.
      Released: 2016-03-02
      Updated: 2020-02-22
      Current version: 2.21
      Size: 45.91 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Christian Neubauer
      Category: Utilities, Productivity, Photo & Video
      Copyright: © 2019 IBN Software


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