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Description :
Precision 3D Design for Beginners, Experts, and Everyone In-between

Intelligent, easy-to-use design tools coupled with an unbeatable price to performance ratio makes ViaCAD 2D/3D™ the ideal choice for CAD designers everywhere.


ViaCAD 2D/3D offers an amazing marriage of 2D and 3D design tools to turn your ideas into reality. Quickly toggle between 2D and 3D views and create files for popular 3D printers, 2D/3D architectural plans, mechanical plans, electrical schematics, furniture designs, and anything else you can dream up. ViaCAD 2D/3D will even automatically convert imported 3D models into 2D drawings and you can then quickly create detail, section, and auxiliary views - all while working in 2D.

Creating 3D models is easy with ViaCAD™, regardless of the design's complexity. The LogiCursor™ will guide your cursor to help you create drafting documents or even align points in 3D. Editing is as easy as drag and drop with the Gripper™.

• The Gripper provides click and drag style editing for moving, copying, scaling and rotating parts of the drawing, even faces.
• Push/Pull Modeling delivers intuitive editing of your 3D models, allowing 3D surfaces to be editing with your mouse and cursor.
• Customizable Grids can be configured as rectangular, polar (circular), and even Isometric.
• The LogiCursor™ allows drawing precisely with your mouse and cursor in both 2D and 3D, aligning your cursor with existing points in your drawing.

Powerful Solid Modeling

ViaCAD provides solid modeling technology found in much higher end products. There is a unique tie between 2D and 3D; which means you can edit 2D profiles used to create 3D objects and the 3D shape will automatically update.

• Feature-based History Tree for editing
• Powerful 3D editing tools such as blending, chamfering, and shelling
• A complete design tool with extrusions, Booleans, surface modeling for more complex smooth surfaces
• Precise geometry suitable for ‘concept to manufacturing'
• Tools to create 3D from 2D shapes

2D Drafting and Documentation

A complete set of 2D drawing tools is provided for drafting documents and sketching schematics, floor plans, mechanical designs and more.

• 26 industry-standard dimension styles
• 275+ tools for 2D drafting and editing
• Tools to create Section Views to highlight important drawing features
• Automatically generate 2D drawings from 3D models
• Bill of Materials

New in v10:

All new features and tools from ViaCAD 2D plus:

• Enhanced Usability easing introduction into 3D modeling (Customize, Gripper, Selections)
• New Tools for Makers and DIY creators (3D Print tools, Mesh Subdivision tools, Snap to Solid)
• Improved Performance (Multithreaded Workflows)
• More ways to Share Data (3D PDF, KeyShot Live Linking, SketchUp™ Import/Export 2016, SAB)
• Improved Visualization (Faster 3D displays, Transparent Sizable Cutting Planes)
• 3D printing tools to prepare and validate designs to be 3D printer ready
• New and Improved Draw Views and Bill of Materials
ViaCAD is built with professional level technology providing speed, precision, and compatibility. Using ACIS®-based geometry means you are creating with the same technology used by others using software costing thousands of dollars.
• Includes 19 file formats to share your designs
• Compatible with AutoCAD® 2017 DXF/DWG
• Includes STL export for 3D Printing
• KeyShot Live Linking
• SketchUp™ 2016

3D Print Tools

ViaCAD now includes 3D printing tools to prepare and validate designs to make them 3D printer ready.

• 3D Print Check
• Surface Normals Check
• Overhang Analysis
• Wall Thickness
• Preview Slices
• Auto Position
• Support Structure
• Show Printer Volume
• Printer Definitions

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