Lullaby White Noise Melodies
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Lullaby, Womb Vacuum Sounds
Description :
The Best App To Soothe Crying Babies!
"A lifesaving app for first-time mothers! The best remedy for crying babies!”

- Includes selected soothing sounds and lullabies proven by word of mouth
- App runs in the background so you can play relaxing sounds while using other apps!
- App runs while device locked
- Quick, simple, easy UI
- No Ads


This is a must-have app that can be used for newborns and young toddlers.

Stop your infant from crying using technology. "White Noise" and "Lullaby" will help soothe your baby and woo it to sleep.
: Watch the app work like magic as soon as it starts!!

Fall asleep to the soothing sound of the "Mysterious Seal Lullaby."

The "Seal Healing Sound" soothes and comforts.

- Specifics

1. Stops your newborn from crying (white noise).
-Many research results show that white noise is efficient in relaxing newborn babies.
-We have selected the most efficient white noises after multiple testing.
-Pediatricians have approved this app for its safety.

2. Irresistibly cute seal
-The seal appeals to both young children and adults.

3. Easy, fun, high definition UI
-Intuitive enough for children aged between 1 and 2 years to learn how to use itin a few seconds.
-Supports retina display on iPhone 7, iPad Pro

4. Use the sleep timer function to set the time.

- What real moms are saying in the world :

"So great. I love the cute seal images and the sounds. The music works like a charm to put my son to sleep very fast! " by Jocelyn83 (USA)

"Great app! Works great for sleeping or crying baby's. my little girl seems to stop crying almost every time I use it. " by Rush02 (USA)

"best loud white noise! my baby loves this white noise app the best; the others don't soothe him. " by m00bz (USA)

"Shocked me! I was skeptical, but it really does work! Instantly soothes my newborn." by JtGrl (USA)

"Excellent App. This is one of the best & most useful app I have downloaded. My 7 week old instantly settles as soon as the hair dryer is played. " by Gobbylass (England)

"Brilliant! Really works. This app is a god send at 3 in the morning! It works a treat." by nukz (England)

"幽默有趣又强大! 宝宝妈妈都喜欢!" by 嘟嘟0309 (China)

"Risolutiva! Davvero efficace col pupo!" by Onopilot (Itary)

"애기 제울때 사용했는데 최고!! 우리아기 지금 자네요. 오랜만에 자유롭습니다. 이런 앱이 있는 줄 일찍 알았다 면 더 좋았을텐데. 최고!! 강추!!!" by Hb m (Korea)

"Muy buena.
En verdad parece mágico como se calma mi bebe, la cagó pa ser útil, se calma en 5 segundos y después de estar mucho rato tratando de calmarla con lo habitual." by Xmna9 (Chile)

"Très très utile. Une appli extraordinaire que tous les parents de jeunes bébés doivent avoir en ultime recours pour endormir leur enfant. Ça marche vraiment! Sans cette application on serait obligés de faire des tours de voiture... Merci aux développeurs !! " by Fc75 (France)

- FAQ –

1. Sound doesn't work?
:Check your silent mode toggle or bell volume.

2. Your baby keeps crying?
:When your baby is hungry or in pain, you must attend to his/her needs immediately.
      Released: 2016-12-05
      Updated: 2019-06-19
      Current version: 1.1.4
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