Blocky Dog: Farm Survival
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Description :
Dog Days are not bad at all in Blocky Dog: Farm Survival!

Your best dog days begin now! In our survival sandbox we offer you to learn craft of blocky animals. Become a blocky dog and run across farm! Keep your dog healthy, explore farm and outskirts, fight farm and wild animals and craft for survival. Fight for survival with animals you meet and craft upgrades for yours.

Features of Blocky Dog: Farm Survival:

- Survival and quests
- Farm and wild animals
- Realistic animals behavior
- Blocky dog kennel
- Wild blocky farm
- Many survival locations

Life of animals awaits in blocky sandbox! Develop a survival strategy against wild and farm animals - complete quests, fight, craft, find an animal mate and breed a new Blocky Dog. Your blocky dog can even die in the sandbox. To improve craft and survival skills in sandbox - levelup a dog. Or find other blocky mates and start a kennel. Complete farm levels to open new survival skills in the animal sandbox.

Feed your kennel of blocky animals and craft with it! sandbox offers two modes - animal survival or quests, both are enjoyable. We like great animal games and strive to make ours best Craft your survival strategy in the sandbox. Start your survival and craft right now, with our dog sandbox. Blocky Dog in the sandbox is better than real animal! To be a good boy or bad dog - your choice in Blocky Dog: Farm Survival.

Enjoy fun of craft and survival of animal games in Blocky Dog sandbox. Map and guide are included in this survival sandbox. Learn to control your animals, craft, lead a kennel as alpha-dog. In our survival sandbox you’ll meet a lot of animals species. Survival in the blocky sandbox can be challenging, but always fun in animal games.

Survival and craft of animal games is awesome! Try our Blocky Dog: Farm Survival sandbox, enjoy your dog days in a big beautiful world!
      Released: 2017-04-07
      Updated: 2019-05-16
      Current version: 1.01
      Size: 91.31 Mo
      Rated: 12+
      Seller: Game Maveriks OOO
      Category: Games, Arcade, Simulation
      Copyright: © Game Mavericks


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