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Description :
Looking for the best salad recipes? Get delicious & easy salad recipes like potato salad, pasta salad, caesar salad, chicken salad recipe, cucumber salad ... And More!

You'll never ask "Salad, again?" when you taste any of our top delicious salad recipes, Try our top-rated potato salad recipe, broccoli salad, fruit salad too

The salads are one of the most beloved meals in the entire world; they are light and full of vitamins and nutrients; still they can be used as main dish sometimes. There are thousands of salads; their preparation involves many products – sauces, vegetables, fruits and some meat also. In most of the cases the salad is used as an appetiser of starter of the meal; in many other cases it is used as a garnish, which accompanies the main dish. It has many roles in our feeding habits and the pluses of eating salads are more of these, when eating desert for example; the salads are highly valued by all kinds of people because they consist of fresh products mostly.
salad recipe include all famous recipe of united kingdom !

salad recipe app is provide awesome salad recipe make at your collection for weight loss and burning fat and make you healthy.
we bring you an app with a huge variety of delicious and healthy salad recipes to enjoy any time you like. fresh, delicious and easy to prepare.

our apps guide you to make instant salad recipe for healthy life and weight loss.
Also help you to dieting and diet plan for weight loss.

Whatever sort of salad you're after, we've got a great collection salad recipes for you including :

Fruit salads
Chicken salads
Green salads
Pasta salads
Vegetable salads
Potato salads
Dessert salads
Gluten free recipes
Diabetes friendly salads and more....

Also features:
1) Easy search tool that lets you find the just-right recipe in a snap.
2) Easy-to-read step-by-step instructions.
3) Gorgeous photos of every recipe.
4) Save your favourite recipes and menus.
5) Share recipes via Messages, WhatsApp, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
6) Cooking, shopping and nutrition tips.

Nutrition/Healthy Eating is the new buzzword in the world of fitness! If you are looking for options to lose weight or follow a healthy diet, you have arrived at the right place.

Salad recipes brings you all festive special recipes and it's simple way of cooking. Recipes that are easy to cook and with available ingredients . When it comes to special days making salad with chicken and pasta is delicious. Salads have a unique way of attracting diet conscious eaters and normal food lovers. Pasta salad and new sandwich with egg, chicken and a tint of spicy flavour is a festive special dish. Seafood lovers like fish preparations and salads taste better with shrimp and tuna. Tuna salads with a lot of vegetables and olives can be a party favourite.

Plenty of recipes are so simple to prepare with less preparation time. Cold salad recipe made using cheese, macaroni ,beans are not just tasty but healthy. Salad is an essential part of all fat cutting diet and cleansing diets. Grilled salad , green salad , with lots of sauce and cheese make dinner parties exciting. Salads like Greek salad, Caesar salad, potato salad and available in this cookbook. Chicken, pasta, tuna, vegetable can add flavour and taste for the recipe. Chinese, Arabic, Mexican and lot more salad decoration with bean, vegetable are available .

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