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Description :
Get your own farm business and harvest crops in Tap Tap Farm Clicker!

Tapping crops for money is the business with high profit - tap to harvest crops of your farm business, farmer. Crops of Tap Tap Farm Clicker grow fast and bring huge profit. A farm will provide a good tap farmer with crops and profit! Increase income of tapping harvest to become rich, farmer. Clicker farmer paradise with income - that’s Tap Tap farm Clicker!

Features of Tap Tap Farm Clicker:
- Nonstop income
- Lots of crops
- Managers to hire
- Profit upgrades
- Dangerous intruders

Crops grow, profit flows.
Go, farmer, build a farm business harvest crops! Farmer makes money with his tapping crops harvest on a farm. Grow crops no matter what - make profit with tapping, harvest the crops of a tapping farm business, farmer. It’s easy - invest money, buy farm assets with income, make tapping profit! Tap the profit out of your farm business!

Clicker farmer and the farm business.
Build a tapping farm business, farmer. Farm business is fun! Harvest crops for profit, goal of a tapping farmer - income of a tap harvest. Turn crops to money, crops grow with income when tapping farm business is done right, farmer. Harvest crops for income and profit - joys of a clicker farmer! Tapping brings profit! How much can you tap?

Invest money, gain profit.
Boost your farm, hire harvest managers. And protect your farm business from intruders, who will reduce tapping income of harvest! The more crops you grow, the more money you get, farmer. A farmer makes profit and income of investment. Spend money - get money, that’s how you make profit, farmer. Good clicker farmer knows how to invest in tapping business.

Become a clicker farmer and make money and profit of tapping harvest in Tap Tap farm Clicker!
      Released: 2017-05-19
      Updated: 2019-05-16
      Current version: 1.0
      Size: 103.06 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Game Maveriks OOO
      Category: Games, Simulation, Strategy
      Copyright: © Game Mavericks


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