Blocky Cat Simulator
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Description :
Do you love cats? Then this town cat simulator is for you! Choose a simulator mode - animal quests or survival - and craft your cat strategy in the blocky city! Power of control will help you do crazy stuff in the survival simulator. Let your blocky animal have fun in town and unleash cat power!

Features of Blocky Cat Simulator:

- City survival simulator
- Crazy quests
- Town animals and citizens
- Blocky city locations
- Mind control power

Cat survival simulator!
Live the blocky animal life of cat in the simulator. You’ll walk by yourself, but you have a power for survival - human mind control! Craft your strategy with it in the blocky city, and complete town quests for survival. Have crazy fun in blocky city, but be careful - mischief attracts city authorities and army, they can complicate your survival in the city of simulator.

Explore blocky city!
Know your hood - learn what tho break, who to attack, when to us power for survival in the blocky city of simulator. Survival craft involves knowing all town streets, citizens and animals. Quests will help you learn and explore. Survival in the blocky city is challenging, but the simulator is loaded with animal fun!

Use cat power!
Cat is a dominant animal - use it to control blokcy city dwellers! Master this craft for completing quests and survival. Use human slaves to fight city animal and human species for survival in the simulator! Matter of survival is fun in Blocky Cat Simulator - a crazy animal game! City cat rule - what animal survival simulator can do that?

Best cat craft is in our simulator - survival, blocky animal power, crazy town quests and more is here! Try Blocky Cat Simulator, be a cat and explore a big blocky city!
      Released: 2017-07-15
      Updated: 2019-06-19
      Current version: 1.0
      Size: 95.36 Mo
      Rated: 12+
      Seller: Andrew Kudrin
      Category: Games, Adventure, Simulation
      Copyright: © Wild Animals World


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