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Description :
Begin a wild adventure with your family of animals! Wild life in the nature of china is yours to experience in Panda Family Simulator. Survival of wild panda bear family of china is in your paws! New survival game opens the world of wild china animals for you, join a panda bear family in our new survival simulator!

Panda Family Simulator features:
- Panda bear family
- Cubs breeding
- Friendly and hostile animals
- Survival and quests
- Wild nature of china

Start a family for survival!
Find other of panda bear to start a family and explore the wild nature of the china. Follow the rule of family survival - stronger panda bear has a bigger pack! Breed bear cubs and explore the wild nature of china in our simulator together. That is how a panda bear family lives in the nature of china in the simulator.

Adapt to the wild nature!
Nature of china hold many dangers - overcome them! Fight wild animals, seek food and other bears - ensure survival of your panda bear family. Some animals in china are friendly, some not find your way around them and lead your panda bear family. Wild nature of china needs your panda bear family to be strong for survival.

Explore china for survival!
Answer the call of nature, live life of a panda bear in china! Lead your family to survival in struggle with wild nature and animals of china. Your panda bear has freedom of action in our survival simulator - use it wisely. Go wild with a panda bear family - such is the way of survival of panda bear of china!

Get ready for survival in wild nature of china with your panda bear family! Survival of wild animals is like never before in Panda Family Simulator!
      Released: 2017-07-21
      Updated: 2019-06-16
      Current version: 1.0
      Size: 99.52 Mo
      Rated: 12+
      Seller: Andrew Kudrin
      Category: Games, Adventure, Simulation
      Copyright: © Wild Animals World


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