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Description :
Super Kids English Premium is a unique, dynamic and enjoyable English learning programme for very young and young learners. It has been designed as a mobile App to be user-friendly for the early learners and everyone.

*An enjoyable application the early learners would love to use.
*Much fun and easy to use (No need for the parents’ support)
*Mostly animated activities (correlation of action, colour and sound)
*Multimedia for the persistence of knowledge and skills (Multimedia is 90% efficient, recently proved, in visual, auditory and active learning)
*Instant feedback
*Dynamic content presented through fiction-scripts
*Spiral improvement (newly learned has firm bonds with previously learned)
*Keep learning even from the mistakes
*Gamification and storytelling based activities-- as these two factors are very significant in the process of gaining experience of life for the growing kids
*Keeping knowledge and acquired skills in the deep memory achieved through enjoyable repetition—a single moment of boredom cannot be allowed
*Clear pronunciation in both British and American English recorded by the kids and adults
*Pronunciation activities which are very important for the fluency in speaking
*Assessment opportunities through contest and competition games
*Awarding: the gifts from the spaceship to the winner(s)

We appreciate that the kids will surely love Super Kids English. If you like the programme, as well, we shall be grateful when you tick the ‘like and share’ on Facebook and Twitter as well as evaluating and marking the programme on App Store. Your comments and criticism will be very significant for us.

Dear Parents,

Super Kids English has been developed claiming being the first dynamic solution for the young learners of learning English. The parents support, ‘content-wise’, is not much needed to use the programme despite it is full of dynamic activities. The ‘rubber hand’ indicates where to click for every activity and the kids use it very easily.

However, in case your kid is very young and not yet literate, please add her/his name in the first box and your kid’s friend’s name in the second box to personify them. Then just click the ‘Continue’ icon.

All the activities must be done by the kid as they are to develop their skills fast and persistently. Thus, these skills will be a firm base for the kids’ future skills of using English fluently.

During the use of the programme the kids tend to repeat what they have just learn. However, if the kid is shy to repeat, the parents should motivate the kid to repeat and watch their pronunciation
Super Kids English has been developed to improve their skills along with the language knowledge even if they have not yet learned how to read and write. The kids who have already been learning some English will consolidate what they already know and improve their skills to use English.

Scientifically researched and recommended number of repetitions are embedded in the enjoyable activities. If the kids are not bored, they do not react against the repetition as the kids learn fast and forget fast.

We would once more underline the significance of developing skills at the very early ages. It is not possible to ride a bike just by teaching all the parts of a bike but learning to ride a bike can only be achieved by riding to develop the skill for riding. As the metaphor suggests, to use English fluently and accurately, teaching all the structural features of the language, in the linguistic jargon, does not help much. Instead, as Super Kids English manages, skills work is the key to gaining such skills.

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      Updated: 2020-07-10
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