The Robot Whimsy Picture Book
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Description :
Robot Whimsy is a picture book for you to enjoy with your child. You read it just like a traditional picture book, except that the pictures move, and you can interact with them.

It is the story of a boy, who discovers that all kinds of robots are mysteriously appearing in the beautiful valley where he lives. They all work together, crushing and lifting and bashing and welding - gradually replacing the grass, trees and rocks with some some kind of gigantic machine. But for what purpose? Each robot is designed for a specific role, clearly meant to be a part of the mechanical construction team. All except for one, an odd little robot by the name of Whimsy.

Follow our hero, Benjamin Gibbon, on a whimsical journey that takes him far from the warm summer meadows of his home, to a mysterious mechanical landscape which reaches high up into cold dark space. Along with his friend the robot Whimsy, he discovers that while not everybody's role in the world is immediately clear, you can still make a difference just be being you and doing what you are good at.

Written exclusively for this digital ebook format, Robot Whimsy spans 26 beautifully animated pages, filled with fun interactive elements. It is an entirely original heartwarming story about friendship, differences, adventure and the importance of just being yourself. A fun filled experience which will help to grow your child's vocabulary as well as their imagination.

With its original soundtrack, enchanting animation and fun intuitive interactive elements, Robot Whimsy has been commended by educational professionals dealing with special educational needs (SEN) children for the unique way in which it engages readers, and fuels their imagination.

The "Read to Me" feature allows younger children to enjoy the adventure alone, but as with all good picture books, Robot Whimsy is best enjoyed by an adult and child reading together. Sound and music can be disabled for quieter times, such as bedtime, and the "Choose a Page" feature allows you to jump into your favourite moment at any time.

The Robot Whimsy Picture Book features:

An all original story written exclusively for this digital format.

A unique graphical style blending traditional picture book illustration with modern computer generated techniques.

Beautiful film-like full screen animation on every page.

A huge cast of entertaining robotic characters, each suited to a specific purpose, with their own unique traits.

An original musical score which develops as the story progresses, bringing the whole whimsical adventure to life.

A simple, elegant, frustration free ebook reading experience.

Seamless interaction with the story using iOS’ multi-touch gestures.

Intuitive animated "teases" to let you know exactly how to interact with each element.

The sparkling “charm” animation - an audio/visual cue to let you know when an interaction has been triggered.

Crisp clear text rendering, taking full advantage of retina displays.

Professionally recorded voice-over, for when you are unable to read with you child.

A single simple menu page to access all of the app's features.
      Released: 2018-09-12
      Updated: 2019-06-19
      Current version: 1.5
      Size: 155.09 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Neblagon LTD
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