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Description :
What can the Mayan Calendar tell You about You?

Are you the Jaguar, the Serpent, the Storm? Who Are You, underneath it all?

Knowing your Mayan sign can help you makes sense of the journey of life and of who you are- under the labels, the personas, the masks, the noise.The EpicLife App is a non-dogmatic translation of the Mesoamerican ‘Book of Days’.

This modern Codex will provide the ‘Mixology’ of each Day, as well as anyone who has a birthday. This ancient system is complimentary to most faiths and traditions by encouraging deeper exploration of the individual soul path in this world regardless of geography or tradition, and giving tools for connecting to an individual’s spiritual guidance system.

This App is a celebration of the artistic life, psyche and especially the soul of every human being, whether they be Crocodile, Eagle, or Dog.

Spiritual treasure hunters only!

For a different Sacred Play experience, this journey can be supported by the EpicLife Journey Cards and Enchiridion, as well as by daily insight from the FaceBook Group ‘EpicLife Maya Mixology’.

Hint: Look for the Mixologist to point you to information about each screen, and ways to ‘Sacred Play in the Modern Day’!

Please note: This app is graphics heavy, so please make sure your O/S is up to date before you download!
      Released: 2018-10-02
      Updated: 2019-10-18
      Current version: 1.8
      Size: 101.63 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: WILD ROSE LLC
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