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Description :
Sprout Words is a brand new all Australian sight word app developed by Brisbane mums/teachers. This Australian, interactive, inclusive sight word app that will assist your child or students to learn and recognise essential sight words. It designed to help build confidence, comprehension and context of words, that make up a large part of everyday reading materials for children (ages 3 - 8). Children will learn sight words in a fun and engaging environment where they will sprout their own monsters by winning word coins to help them grow.

We believe that technology can provide many specific benefits such as;
• Keeping children/students engaged for longer
• Making children/students more excited to learn
• Differentiating learning to suit individual needs
• Enabling children/students to learn at their own pace and;
• Preparing them for the future.

It also provides support for those with diverse abilities and needs, cultural backgrounds, and learning styles. Our app will offer inclusive learning technologies that will contain key supportive features to help students work around or compensate for their difficulties including a Dyslexic font setting and will allow its users to choose a difficulty level that suits their learning needs. 

We are in the beginning stages of monitoring student progression through the app informing educators or parents on which level that student is on, what words they got correct or incorrect. Future goals for us are to further develop this and create an online website via through the app for the teacher to log on to monitor their whole class. This data will also be available to the principle who can access all classes and witness their progression and/or struggles.

*NOTE: You must be connected to WIFI while using this app
*NOTE: We will be continuously upgrading this app, we have some spectacular ideas for a future upgrade of the rewards system and will be upgrading the student progress

App features

• 15 levels of sight words which aligns with the Australian Curriculum
• Australian school font
• Australian – English pronunciations for all words 
• No in app purchases
• Dyslexic font option
• Three different difficulty levels
• In app help function for activities
• Information button for each activity
• Includes 6 activities for each word; Say the word, Colour the word, trace the word, spell the word find the word and complete the sentence
• Revision for each level (CFU – Check for understanding)
• Colourful child friendly design
• Developed by experienced teachers and parents
• Multiple users
• Regular updates
• Continual encouragement
• Track child/Student progress
• Get up and move timer

For more information;

please email info@sproutskools.com.au

Or visit www.sproutskools.com.au

Privacy policy and Terms and conditions: https://www.sproutskools.com.au/privacyandterms

This is just the beginning for Sprout Words, by giving us quality feedback, it will help us develop a truly spectacular app for our students/children

Wondering what quality feedback we are looking for?

- What improvements would you like to see?

- What do you think needs to be added to give your students/children the best learning experience?

- What are you not enjoying about the app?

- Tell us what you love about the app?

      Released: 2020-03-03
      Updated: 2020-12-04
      Current version: 0.1.0
      Size: 101.96 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Kristy Warbrooke
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