Deep 6
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Description :
Your phone is your only connection to the crew of a research station 6000 feet below sea level.
As the Commander of this facility you must make difficult decisions which will influence the course of the story and the lives of your crew members. You will have to overcome numerous dangers and threats, and uncover a conspiracy that could have grave consequences for the fate of humanity.

Besides your crew, you are supported by an artificial intelligence called C.U.R.E. He will accompany you on your adventure, and help you to successfully complete your mission.
But do not let your guard down! Not everything that C.U.R.E. suggests is in the best interests of your crew. Listen carefully and don't make any rash decisions, or your mission might end prematurely.

Deep 6 is a text-adventure happening in real-time.
The crew members will regularly contact you, but it is your decision whether to speak to them immediately or to deal with them later.
Using your communicator you will be able to select from two possible responses to influence the course of the conversations.
At specific times the crew might be busy completing various tasks, and will contact you only once they are done.

This game requires no internet connection, and does not contain any advertisements.
      Released: 2018-12-21
      Updated: 2019-07-16
      Current version: 1.1.6
      Size: 35.11 Mo
      Rated: 9+
      Seller: Atropos GmbH
      Category: Games, Entertainment, Books, Adventure, Role playing
      Copyright: © 2019 Atropos GmbH


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