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Description :
The Offshore Obstacle and Safe Approach Calculator is a situational awareness and planning tool that will assist qualified offshore helicopter pilots in visualizing the helideck layout and the relevant obstacles sectors on any installation or platform.

All helicopter pilots flying offshore will significantly benefit from this APP, as it will provide a better plan view of the helideck orientation in relation to the wind direction and final approach heading.

There has been several incidents and accidents where pilots were not aware of the deck orientation, obstacle sectors, and the wind direction. These variables are all covered in this APP, and it provides pilots with a significant increase of Situational Awareness (SA) during the initial planning and conduct of an offshore helicopter flight.
      Released: 2019-01-25
      Updated: 2021-03-08
      Current version: 1.4.1
      Size: 33.52 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC.
      Category: Navigation, Education
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