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Description :
Hand lines are information. They are important signs in the path of self-knowledge.
Your hands are read and interpreted by our professional hand analysis team.
The Coolhand Team write interpretations and recommendations on topics such as character, love life, work and health.
We make no forward-looking statements, we do not read from your coffee grounds or put tarot cards. The analyzes are not created by the system, but interpreted and written by real people. You will see this in your first analysis.

What do we offer you for services?
Since your character is analyzed by hand analysis, you will learn to know and understand yourself better. The path to greater self-confidence is being paved.
A hand analysis can tell you a lot about your professional life and the right career choice.
Also, a hand analysis can give you important information about your relationship and married life, as well as the healthy choice of a partner. This can protect against wrong decisions.
With a hand analysis, you can gain much information about your health and take precautions ahead of time.
The hand analysis can also show you valuable insights into the inner workings of your child. Knowing your character can be of help to you in the handling and upbringing of your child. Also later in the career choice.
We make no future prophecies or prophecies in any form. Our analyzes are based on the knowledge of hand shapes, their lines and their meanings. We do not use tarot cards, coffee grounds or other oracles.
Hand analysis is as old as humanity. Already Aristotle was interested in palm reading. The Romans used hands to better understand people's abilities. Islamic scholars such as Muhyiddin ibn-i Arabi, İbn-i Sina, Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakk also dealt with these topics and wrote books about them. In the Ottoman Empire, the knowledge of the hand was actively used in the recruitment of servants and officials in the palace.
In our age, hand analysis is no longer actively used, which is why adolescents aged 18 or 19 still have strong uncertainties in their career choice.
Your hand lines and finger shapes can tell about your character, your talents and abilities, your weaknesses and challenges, and reveal your health knowledge.
You can read information about your digestive system, blood circulation, joint problems, blood sugar levels, liver enzymes, skin problems, as well as psychological symptoms from the hand.
Using Coolhand is very easy. Photos of her hand and some information are enough to get an interpretation. Our hand readers are also open for further questions, because we look at all of their hands personally and interpret them individually.
At the moment we offer our services in Turkish, German and English.

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