AGU and JOY : Pot-Plant Nation
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Description :
Fantastic Story:
The beginning of the story originates from a strange round room with millions of suitcases stacked high up on towering racks. As the main character, JOY, surprisingly discovered her grandfather entered one of the suitcases and disappeared, and she decided to enter the same suitcase to look for her grandfather.

Learning About Problem Solving:
Our educational game is not anchored on the communication of knowledge and skill sets, but on the stimulation of the pro-active desire and ability of children to solve problems. During the game process, children are the ones that get to set their own action goals, while thinking through their attempts in using different props and solutions to solve problems

A Playground for Free Play:
Free play is important to children's growth and health. In "AGU and JOY", we hope children will not forced to complete the missions and can play freely. In this game, they can play digging, taking pictures, drawing, using tools, collecting vegetables, chasing dog, fighting with animals, trading, etc.

Featured Play:
1.Finding water
2.Summoning God of Rain
3.Using a map to find treasure
4.Collecting Sounds
5.Using graphic clues to find treasure
6.Recovering the lost item
7.Finding the lost sheep
8.Tickling the chest
9.Trading with the merchant
10.Using the pathfinder dog

Recommended devices: iPad Air 2 or newer , iPad mini 4 or newer , iPad 5 or newer , iPad Pro1 or newer , iPhone 6s or newer

      Released: 2019-10-06
      Updated: 2020-08-12
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