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Description :
Synonym Browser is a offline thesaurus dictionary app for Watch.
It displays a large number of synonyms and helps you find the best expression.
Only exclusive for AppleWatch, this app enables you to quickly search in the thesaurus dictionaries even off-line.

- Features -
• Adds the thesaurus dictionary (150,000 words included) in your Watch app and lets you search off-line
• Pronounces a large number of synonyms that match your needs with the Watch speaker.
• Enables input by handwriting

This Thesaurus dictionary has been created uniquely using OpenSource services called WordNet and MobyThesaurus, adding up to 150,000 words.
The latest proper nouns may not be included, but highly versatile nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are included evenly.
Unlike the regular Thesaurus dictionary, the definitions are excluded. Only synonyms and related words are included, and are linked to each other.
Using the link of 150,000 words, You can browse the dictionary by just tapping the word link.

If there are any comments about the app, any features you want to add, or any bugs found, please let me know by writing a review.
As it is developed only by myself, I cannot update it frequently, but I will take your opinion into consideration as much as possible to improve the app
Your kind support would be highly appreciated.

(Ex1) By typing in "US", its synonyms and related words will be displayed as below.
"united states", "the states", "united states of america", "usa", "u.s.a.", "u.s.", "america", "north american country", "north american nation", "north america", "north atlantic treaty organization", "nato", "oas", "organization of american states", "american", ....

(Ex2) By typing in "Run", its synonyms and related words will be displayed as below.
The 1,341 search results can be read out too.

"tally", "trial", "test", "foot race", "footrace", "streak", "running", "running play", "running game", "runnel", "rill", "rivulet", "streamlet", "political campaign", "campaign", "ladder", "ravel", "discharge", "outpouring", "run away", "break away", "fly the coop", "take to the woods", "turn tail", "hightail it", "head for the hills", "bunk", "scat", "escape", "scarper", "lam", "pass", "go", "lead", "extend", "operate", "feed", "course", "flow", "work", "function", "range", "play", "be given", "tend", "lean", "incline", "endure", "persist", "die hard", "prevail", "atrial", "execute", "coral snake", "old world coral snake", "carry", "draw", "guide", "black market", "bleed", "run for", "consort", "ply", "track down", "hunt down", "hunt", "race", "move", "melt", "melt down", "unravel", .....
      Released: 2019-05-01
      Updated: 2020-05-29
      Current version: 2.1
      Size: 66.57 Mo
      Rated: 12+
      Seller: kimihiro kubota
      Category: Reference, Productivity
      Copyright: © wordouen


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