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Description :
Touch annotator is an image annotation platform for object detection. It aims to simplify the workflow of data preparation in object detection tasks by handling mundane and repetitive tasks such as formatting the annotations. Touch Annotator also has some useful features to improve productivity:

1. the ability to delete bounding boxes by holding them.
2. the ability to rename label by holding label. This renames all previously created bounding boxes.
3. the ability to select a label by tapping on a bounding box that belongs to it.

The app lets you choose the format of your annotations. This is to save you the work of having to reformat the results before using them with a framework. Currently, Touch annotator supports:

1. Create ML
2. Turi Create

more formats are going to be added over time. To request a format, please reach out to us at

      Released: 2019-10-23
      Updated: 2019-12-11
      Current version: 1.2
      Size: 7.98 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Intersection Bioscientific Software Inc.
      Category: Productivity, Photo & Video
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