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Description :
Neck Advisor is a complete resource for the protection and care of your neck when using your iPhone and iPad.

This user-friendly notification and self-care app supports safe phone posture and provides you with the best protection for your neck. Even more, the self-care video feature provides effective techniques to alleviate neck pain on your own.

The benefits are many and the app features can be used for prevention of neck issues or the recovery of neck pain.

Here’s how it works to do this:

When ‘Test Mode’ is activated, you will be notified over a short duration when the drop angle of your phone is too low, and gently reminded to adjust to a proper neck posture to alleviate the stress on your neck. This will help you better understand the best position to be in for healthy neck alignment and guide you to best protect your neck.

And when neck pain does occur, or for preventative care, it provides detailed instruction with videos on the best ways to massage your neck. The videos cover safe and effective foam roller self-massage techniques to support you to speed healing and recovery.

You can tailor this app to your lifestyle by controlling the notifications and phone angles so that you can best care for your neck health.
      Released: 2019-09-22
      Updated: 2020-04-04
      Current version: 1.2
      Size: 31.38 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Ryan Emmons Professional Corporation
      Category: Health & Fitness
      Copyright: © Ryan Emmons Professional Corporation


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