Track4Facts PRO
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Description :
Track4Facts PRO is the new edition of the long-standing App Track4Facts.
The app helps you to record your driven route and also shows you some interesting analysis, such as current speed, maximum speed, distance, duration, average speed, fastest acceleration time from 0-30 / 0-50 / 0-100 km / h, acceleration forces, completed altitude and the number of stops.
You can check your performance in charts. Charts are available for speed, acceleration values ​​and altitude.
On a map you can check your driven route colored by speed - perfect to check fast and slow parts.
The app can even export your records as a GPX and CSV file.

Please note that using the phone during driving is in most countries prohibited and very dangerous!
Therefore please interact with the app before and after you drive with the engine turned off or as a passenger. Please inform yourself about the legal regulations in your country where you can use the app.

Please note that while the recording is in progress, the app will permanently use GPS in the background, which can significantly shorten your battery life.
      Released: 2019-10-31
      Updated: 2019-12-12
      Current version: 1.5
      Size: 24.72 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Klaus Neuendorf
      Category: Utilities, Navigation
      Copyright: © 2019 Klaus Neuendorf


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