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Description :
This program calculates and regulates the legal Inheritance of the heirs of the deceased, according to the law of inheritance in Islamic law. And produces the detailed results of the quotas with their explanations, and divide the amount of the treasure on that basis. The program provides sufficient flexibility for the user to leave the option available to him in entering the detailed data or not. The program also provides a tree selection for relatives. Also the Cast mode is consistent with that of the personal status courts.

► Features:
- Conformed with the legal way of calculations according to Islamic Laws.
- Offers a Relatives Tree to pick from.
- Produces the detailed results of the quotas with their explanations.
- The outcome quotas delivered by whole numbers, and also by percentages.
- The casted output is consistent with that of the personal status courts.
- Offers Help page containing the basic Terms of Inheritance Rules.
- Covers all Cases, including the irregular ones, the Deficient, and all kinds of the Surplus.
- Can Save Cases in files for later reference.
- The casted Results can be Exported to a File, and Printed for use in the Courts.
- Instant Re-Calculation, No need to wait.
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    Released: 2019-10-31
    Updated: 2020-08-12
    Current version: 1.5
    Size: 7.93 Mo
    Rated: 4+
    Seller: Amran AlQasmi
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