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Description :
PVWatch is an app for your Apple Watch that lets you keep an eye on your PV system at all times.
Note: PVWatch works with PV systems that are registered in the "Sunny Portal" of SMA Solar Technology AG.

Three things that make PVWatch so unique:
- You do NOT need an iPhone to use PVWatch.
- The performance of your PV system is displayed on the dial of your Apple Watch. You don't have to visit the Sunny Portal or start an app.
- PVWatch compares the performance of your PV system with the performance of neighboring systems. If there is something wrong with your PV system, you will receive a notification.

And PVWatch can do that too:

- Different dials - different displays. No matter which dial you use on your watch - PVWatch contains a suitable complication (widget) for EVERY dial.

- More information if you tap the complication on the dial:
- Current power and performance
- Daily course of the generated energy (current day as diagram)
- Daily yields (of the last 12 months as diagram)
- Monthly earnings (of the last 10 years as diagram)
- Annual production absolute and relative (current year)
- CO2 avoidance (current year)
- Total yield (since commissioning of the PV system)
- Plant data (location, peak power etc.)

Intelligent and adaptive - The Performance Checker:
The yield of your solar system depends on many factors (e.g. location, south orientation, inclination of the solar panels, weather conditions, shading, etc.).

Therefore, the performance between different PV systems cannot be directly compared. PVWatch "knows" some parameters such as the location or the peak power from the data stored in the PVPortal.

Other parameters such as the current weather information are determined online; the position of the sun is calculated. Based on the known parameters and the comparative data of PV systems located near your location, the KI module of the app "learns" the specific behaviour of your PV system after a short "practice phase". In this way the still unknown parameters such as orientation, inclination or shading are determined.

With this information (almost complete after approx. 4 weeks) PVWatch evaluates the performance of your PV system every 2 hours and informs you immediately if something is wrong.

How to install the app:
- If you download PVWatch via the AppStore app on your iPhone, PVWatch is often not automatically installed on your Apple Watch! Therefore use the AppStore app of your Apple Watch !
- When you start PVWatch for the first time on your Apple Watch, you automatically get to the setup menu
- Enter username and password for your Sunny Portal account (the access data will be stored encrypted in the Apple Watch)
- If the data is correct, the password field appears green
- Then select an plant from the list
- Specify the threshold above which you would like to receive a message if your performance falls below a certain level.

Tip: PVWatch needs a few days to get to know your PV system better. To avoid false alarms, set the performance threshold to -20% in the first few days.

If you want to unsubscribe PVWatch from the Sunny Portal, tap "logout" in the "Settings" menu. Username and password will be deleted.

Have fun with PVWatch and maximum yields...
      Released: 2019-12-04
      Updated: 2020-08-04
      Current version: 1.0
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