Guntoss: Cyborg Arm
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Description :
Guntoss Team's Brief Story;

In the year 2025, Prof.Crazy Himms suddenly comes out with his evil robots and begins to drag the entire Earth into a chaos that will last forever, and he has a lot of fun doing it.
When chaos is spread all over the world and people have lost their lights of hope, Guntoss Team appears and becomes a light of hope for people.
Consisting of 5 different heroes, this team starts a war against Prof. Crazy Himms and their Evil Robots.
In order for Guntoss Team to win this war, they must destroy the 5 major bases of Prof. Crazy Himms on Earth.
Guntoss Team sets out to destroy these bases and a big adventure begins for our heroes.

Guntoss: Cyborg Arm;

Professor Crazy Himms occupied a very important underground city and had established a large base in this underground city. Guntoss Team had a plan to destroy this base and free the underground city. This challenging task fell on Cyborg Arm, who knew the underground city very well.

Guntoss Team: Be Careful;

Prof Crazy Himms learned the Guntoss Team's plan for the underground city and programmed all of its robots in the underground city to destroy Cyborg Arm.
So Cyborg Arm needs your help in this challenging mission.

Do not forget!

Now you will be a winner of this war, enter into and get ready to beat the Prof.Crazy Himms.
      Released: 2020-02-14
      Updated: 2020-02-26
      Current version: 1.15
      Size: 182.16 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Category: Games, Action, Adventure
      Copyright: © 2019 Wevedo Games



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