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Description :
This is a very simple app to record expenses directly to a local database on the Apple Watch (no iPhone required); so its always available to record expenses as they occur. These can be exported as a CSV file to include in your main finance tracking application.


- Simple ability to quickly enter expenses
- Auto suggestion of your most frequently used Payees
- Simple value entry
- Expense list view
- Export to CSV file and upload to HTTP file server.
- Current support for GBP, USD, EUR

Creating an Expense:

An expense consists of a Payee (optional) and an Amount, you can freely move between pages during an expense creation and confirm on the final screen.

CSV Export:

This is available from the settings screen. You need to provide the HTTP address of your file server, then select the HTTP CSV File Upload, to export and upload the expense data directly from your Apple Watch.

A good example for an HTTP fileserver app would be WiFi HD available on the App Store for the iOS. Just turn on WiFi in the settings and enter the HTTP address the app provides in WWYS.

NB: Recommendation is to export your data to include in your main financial tracking application, the Reset Expenses to clear the local database and avoid future duplication.

      Released: 2020-02-11
      Updated: 2020-02-28
      Current version: 1.1
      Size: 1.38 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Duncan James-Bell
      Category: Utilities, Finance
      Copyright: © Copyright (c) 2020, Duncan James-Bell


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