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Description :
Do you want to understand a woman’s emotions, a woman’s libido or the emotional needs of a woman? 
Are you looking for the answers on: 
How to talk to a woman? 
Why is she flighty? 
Why libido in women changes? 
When does a woman ovulate and is most fertile?.... 
For those and many more answers to your questions 'Happy Together' will guide you on the path to a fuller and more fun relationship.

Created by men, verified by women, proven by improved life together: A man’s calendar of woman's feelings and needs. Only 1 dollar to upgrade your relationship with women

Main features:
- One time minimum fee to simply understand and improve your relationship with women - no ads, no in-app purchases, free updates;
- simple graphic calendar of her cycle with the possibility of forecasting many months ahead;
- daily information during the cycle and overview of phases;
- tips for everyday life and intimate moments for each day of the cycle;
- quick glance emoticons showing her possible mood on that day of the cycle;
- knowing probable fertile days;
- knowing which days would be best for planning joint events;
- possibility to add one`s own observations for future reference;
- data anonymity;
- hundreds of quotes and thoughts from people around the World;
- lots of fun and smile.

How to understand a woman? Why is a woman so complex?
One of the factors that contributes to why we often misunderstand women is that we don't understand the menstrual cycle, the importance of it or the impact it can have on women.
The 'Happy Together' Application is a map of this cycle with explanations. Its purpose is to help a man learn and understand the changes in each phase and how it affects a woman.
It is said that a woman is flighty, and meanwhile most men don't understand why. Within 'Happy Together' we simply and clearly show how and why particular phases of the cycle are likely to affect a woman's behavior, humor, mood, approach to intimate matters, or even her appearance.
The Application allows us to better understand our partners. By tracking a woman's natural cycle it offers daily advice on the best times for fruitful communication, to plan a vacation trip, to 'bite your lip and smile', to do something together or to go out and meet your own friends. It also offers Insight Into the more intimate times of when she may just want a hug or when a wild night is ahead! All of these are just a few of the great benefits of having 'Happy Together' by your side.
With this Application, our relationships with women will be more harmonious, predictable and happy. You CAN become even more attractive in the eyes of your partner!
      Released: 2020-05-18
      Updated: 2021-01-25
      Current version: 1.2.2
      Size: 76.39 Mo
      Rated: 17+
      Seller: Pawel Makosa
      Category: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Education
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