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Description :
PhotoStatistica lets you stand back and see the big picture - rather than only examining photos' EXIF data on an image-by-image basis. PhotoStatistica's innovative approach gives you the ability to draw powerful insights about your photography by enabling you to visualise the EXIF data across large libraries of images.

PhotoStatistica is the perfect tool when you are deciding to buy a new piece of equipment, thinking about how to improve your photography, researching artists, running a competition or managing a team of photographers.

PhotoStatistica quickly scans in EXIF data from directories of images, Lightroom, Capture One Pro or Photos libraries, then gives you a powerful set of charting, discovery and filter tools to analyse the results and help answer questions such as:
- What prime lens should I buy, based on the most common focal length I used on a zoom lens over the last year?
- Is it worth investing in a high ISO camera?
- What gear do I most use on my trips?
- Which lens do I get the highest rated images with?

Or if you are an archivist, researcher or manage a team of photographers, PhotoStatistica can help answer questions such as:
- What was the artist's most prolific period?
- What was the photographer's technical approach?
- Which camera systems does the photographer use the most?

You can save multiple analyses, refresh the results as more photos are added to your sources, before exporting the raw data as CSV, delivering the results as CSV or PNG files, or sharing your insights via Mail or Messages.

PhotoStatistica is an essential piece of software that no photographer should be without in their digital camera bag!

What's more PhotoStatistica is super easy to use:

1.PhotoStatistica rapidly scans in EXIF data from a number of sources and cameras:
- Include images from any directory, or nested set of directories
- You can also extract image data from a Capture One Pro or Lightroom library - although for LR a copy of the images must be on your machine / storage and not solely in the Adobe Cloud.
- Support is provided for images held in Photos file, where the images are stored on the computer.
- PhotoStatistica supports all image formats / cameras that Apple support.
- In addition PhotoStatistica can work with compressed RAF files, for those FujiFilm cameras for which Apple provides non-compressed support.
- Supports xmp sidecar files

2. Use a powerful set of filters to focus your research - all imported EXIF dimensions are available to filter against, with full set of logic operators

3. Visualise your photos using histograms, pie charts, pivot tables, pivot charts and a drill down discovery tool to easily analyse over 50 dimensions.

4. Drill down into image sub-sets and inspect individual images and their EXIF data

5. Export data and results in CSV format, or export your charts as PNGs

6. Save all your analyses and easily refresh your results as you add more images to your archives

Other features include:
- Apple Silicon native compatibility
- Dark mode support
- Banded dimensions, to help work with range of values
- Powerful date filter tools: for example select all photos taken on any Tuesday
- Drill down data discovery tool
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    Released: 2020-06-02
    Updated: 2021-06-18
    Current version: 2.7
    Size: 4.76 Mo
    Rated: 4+
    Seller: Bristol Bay Code Factory Limited
    Category: Utilities, Photo & Video
    Copyright: ©2020, Bristol Bay Code Factory Limited


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