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铖 邢
Natural Island
Description :
Following the great classical mechanics foundation - Newtonian kinematics and partly expanded physics simulator. You can restore and design various experiments of classical mechanics here, and eliminate the effects of ground friction and gravity, and you can also simulate the motion of celestial bodies (circular motion) and so on...

Generate texture materials from photos - You can use the pictures in the album as the texture materials of the objects. These materials will be drawn on the surface of the sphere. For example, you can use some planetary textures to make a beautiful star system, and then apply force to it to achieve circular or circular motion. You can use the knowledge you learned in school to calculate this force The specific size, and then verify your ideas.

Group editing - Long press or double tap the screen to call up the selection area, you can select a group of objects, and then treat the group as a system for overall editing. You can apply force, speed, displacement, etc. to a group of objects as a whole. You can also edit the amount of charge and mass of the group. These quantities will be equally distributed to each object in the group according to the original value as a weight.

Follow and Watch - For the selected single object, you can follow or watch it. To follow is to place your perspective on the object and follow the movement of the object. Remember the "retrograde" phenomenon of Mars? The reason for this phenomenon is that the selected reference frame is different. To follow an object is to place the zero point of the reference frame of the observer on the object. You may see more "retrograde" phenomena. Watch is to record an object to the watching view. You can easily switch and follow the object among the watched objects.

More - PhySim realizes gravitation and magnetic force, which is actually a force from the perspective of the field. On this basis, physics gave birth to "centripetal force" and other effect forces, which can explain most of the physical phenomena we can currently observe, and we can also discover some unusual phenomena. For example, you can design two generators, one positive charge and one negative charge, and place several in the scene at the same time. Different from the results of the school experiment, you will find that it will always "jitter" because it is different from the laboratory. Without considering friction and ground gravity, this "jitter" system has no energy loss.
      Released: 2020-07-26
      Updated: 2020-08-04
      Current version: 1.2
      Size: 47.44 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: 铖 邢
      Category: Productivity, Education
      Copyright: ©2020 Xing Cheng


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