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Description :
MyMedicalClinicSoftware is a scheduling software for medical clinics and doctors to schedule.
It is also an ideal substitute for unreliable paper records or other recording methods. For you, all important private information is saved in your own iCloud account. It can be used without internet connection (using iCloud function requires network).

MyMedicalClinicSoftware can be effectively used in different types of medical professions, including dentistry, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, dermatology, family medicine, nursing, pharmacy, applied psychology, advanced nursing, ophthalmic optics, clinical medicine, Stomatology, etc.

Who can use it?
Doctors, families, individuals, private hospitals, medical clinics, etc. can all be used!

【Use in medical center/private clinic】
Help all doctors and patients in medical centers/private clinics
Manage doctor and patient schedules
Arrange employees' work in an orderly manner without missing any diagnostic services
Can take the initiative to contact patients by email or telephone

【Doctor use】
Doctors can manage their patients
Record appointments with patients for medical appointments, do not miss the schedule
Record the entire medical diagnosis process of different patients; facilitate the review of the present and future reference
Can take the initiative to contact patients by email or telephone
Drug Administration
Medical image management
Medical diagnosis income

【Individual users use】
Use as your own electronic medical record book and record medical records of all family members
Record appointments with doctors, do not miss the schedule
Record the whole process of your medical diagnosis
You can take the initiative to contact the doctor by email or telephone
Personal drug management
Medical records management
Medical expenses

【Schedule appointments】
You can choose different years and months to quickly jump to a specific month and day.
Click on any date to set the appointment period, doctor information, patient information, and other information.
You can add multiple appointments on the same day.
After adding, the calendar page will display the latest appointment information. Click to see more information.

【Medical diagnosis】
Record a summary of the condition
Record diagnostic results
Record treatment plan
Add diagnostic picture information for diagnosis
Add a list of necessary drugs after diagnosis (optional)
Add inpatient treatment (optional)
Automatic statistics of total drug cost and total medical cost

【CSV data export】
Export all appointment data (or two date ranges)
Export all diagnostic data (or two date ranges)
Export all doctor data
Export all patient data
Export all drug data

【Other functions】
Password lock private data
You can add, modify, delete password

iCloud synchronization and backup data requires you to log in to your Apple ID for operation
After backing up the data, you can synchronize the data

Unlimited number of appointments
Unlimited number of doctors
Unlimited number of patients
Unlimited number of drugs

The program is intuitive and concise, and easy to use, anyone can easily operate. It can be operated without any special training or learning.
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    Released: 2020-07-07
    Updated: 2020-12-05
    Current version: 1.4
    Size: 12.87 Mo
    Rated: 4+
    Seller: yongwen hu
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