Touch, Consent & Play
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Description :
Introduction and about the App
This App will introduce you to a fun practice based on the three- minute game, involving touch. You can play it with one or more people and may be astounded at the kind of clarity, confidence and ease it opens up—like nothing else can.

As you enjoy playing, you’ll find many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, as old habits are discarded, new ones are built on and your nervous system learns a sense of being that transcends what you thought was possible—going to the root of somatic emotional mechanisms that underlie all experience of touch.

You don't have to be lovers to play. Most people learn this practice at a workshop completely clothed with people they don't know!

The game is a playful inquiry into the somatic nature of consent, knowing what you want/desire and how to communicate that. You’ll learn the subtleties and depths of giving and receiving, what each of these terms really means, and more importantly—what they don’t mean. And you’ll encounter how these two dynamics radically affect your experience of touching and of being touched.

This App serves as a reference for those with some familiarity to this work, but if this is new to you or you have little experience—that’s no problem at all. You can start from wherever you are on your journey of touch and relationship. The App will provide you with enough to get started and take you on one of the most amazing adventures of your life.

Where this app will take you

Step 1 - Self Prep
The first step will introduce you to a change in the way you experience your hands—and everything is based on that change. It's
not about using a specific technique but much more about what you're able to notice and what happens when you notice that.

Step 2 - The Game
You’ll play by asking each other two specific questions and taking turns. Depending on who's doing the action and who is it for — opens up four different dynamics to play with. Each of these frees you up in a different way. Each of them is enjoyable in a different way. Each of them teaches you something different about yourself and prompts a completely different inner experience.

You’re sure to have some ‘aha’ moments right away, but it’s practice that brings the best rewards. I've been playing it for 9 years and I still find new depths. It really enriches and deepens over time, as your awareness, acuity and skills progressively grow. If you’re like me, you’ll love playing it.

If you would like clarity and freedom when it comes to touch and relationship, then this App shows you which steps to take. You’ll learn how to;

• radically increase your quality of touch
• become present, relaxed and confident
• become more intuitive, creative and sensual
• surrender to the present moment
• notice what you want and to trust and value it—whatever that is
• put yourself first and when to put yourself second
• communicate your desires with ease

• fully receive for maximum pleasure
• grasp the true essence of giving

If that sounds appealing to you, you’re in the right place. Have fun, play, experiment, explore and have a lovely time.
      Released: 2020-07-26
      Updated: 2020-08-13
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