MomentSQ™ Aggretsuko Limited 1
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Description :
Get it NOW before this collectible pack's price goes up. Be the collector and join the revolutionary way to collect this Rare Digital properties.

Here comes the Official MomentSQ x Sanrio *Animated* Aggretsuko collectible stickers from MomentSQ; The artworks and asset have never been released.

MomentSQ x Aggretsuko Sticker Limited Editions (300pc)
>> overall, our selection of stickers are being viewed and shared for over 60M times

This limited edition set is a Guinness Record. And you will own a piece of it.

This is the first round of the release. More updates and content will added, and will be automatic or just one-button-click away; So get one NOW :).

This is a truly novel and innovative way to collect RareArt in collaboration with the world famous design and character creation company Sanrio, capital backer Affiniti Ventures | AV(M) and innovative team at MomentSQ.

While Hello Kitty is the most well-known and popular character in Sanrio's family, Aggretsuko is the most versatile property and also one of the most popular Original Anime Series on Netflix. Sanrio signed 10 seasons with Netflix. This year marks the successful 3rd reason and was released on August 27th. Fans call it the best season of all and we can expect it to get better in the upcoming years.

Why, if you asked? The answer is the love of an unique Rare Art piece and to maintain authentic ownership of such collectible art with likelihood of doubling, tripling or n-multiplying the value (Rare Art pieces are being auctioned for 10x more than the purchase price, check out Mr. Doodle or many other new contemporary artists).

This collectible set composes of the stickers and also digital mural artwork with all the stickers in it:
- asset has never been released
- invisible watermark with secure digital cryptographic ID (now feel good and proud of your art piece being shared across social media and internet, because that shows popularity without the worries of losing control)
- digital collectible art piece will be certified in the auction house, registered in the secure digital vault enabled by blockchain; an unique certificate will be issued to validate ownership which is the key to maintain the future value (and truly prevent from false copies)
- the digital collectible stickers pack and asset will be tradable in art auction or public marketplaces, and the value will continue to rise as the Aggretsuko brand and anime series continue to thrive on Netflix
- After the release, the price will increase as each batch sold (release on Nov 11th as celebration of Aggretsuko Birthday)
- Animated Stickers enhance and create playful & fun conversations with your friends and family. iMessage is a great platform to release Rare Art.

- Release process: after 90 days of your purchase, a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) will be issued embroided with Aggretsuko Art asset, we will release the final high quality artwork and the encrypted authentication at that point, no refund is allowed to protect true ownership model; any non-authenticated copies aren't of any value. Check our website for process to register your purchase with a receipt; only valid for purchase price $499.99 or above.

- As an art collector, it's important to appreciate the artwork itself and then comes with price appreciation; it's a market existed and thrived for many decades. With the secure blockchain, it becomes more fluent, liquid and higher growth but it's advised not to rush

All stickers are original and official from MomentSQ, an interactive story platform with the roster of the superstars from Aggretsuko, Emma Approved (Emmy's winning title), Milafilm (high quality animation GC film by 400 animators & artists), the psycho thriller story STAY and much more.

Wanna play MomentSQ as well? search "MomentSQ", or "Aggretsuko" or here :)

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Instagram: @yourMomentSQ

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