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Description :
The HypeMatch is the only comprehensive stock picking application for the intelligent investor. It is the only app that allows you to search for companies based on criteria such as PER (price earnings ratio), PBR (price to book ratio) and price. It also is the only app that displays the financial data of a company in a simple manner, accessible to everyone, as it should be.

For each company you have access to the following:
General information about (IPO, address, float, CEO, last quote, ..).
Data from the last 10 financials years (extracted directly from the 10-K of the SEC),
as well as the last quarter. No limitations.
Last news items available, refreshed periodically.
Dividends from the last 5 years.
Notes about the financial practices (compiled from the fillings).

It usually is tedious to view this type of data (access to EDGAR fillings, open the document, scroll through, …). Now with the HypeMatch, you just type in the ticker of the company you wish to browse, and everything is accessible within a few clicks. The financial data is compiled from multiple data providers (10).

The most important functionality of the HypeMatch is most certainly the ability to search for companies based on different criteria:
Search from parameters: PBR, PER and price.
Search from a region (currently US available only, more to come in the future).
Search using a ticker.

Finally, on the main panel that is visible when you launch the application, you can browse last financial news compiled from all the last news from all the companies accessible through the HypeMatch. Also, there is a Twitter panel that displays the last Tweets from the HypeMatch team. Therefore you won’t miss out on any news from our side!

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. More information on our official website https://www.hypematch.com

      Released: 2020-10-14
      Updated: 2021-01-20
      Current version: 1.0
      Size: 23.83 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Scruptly
      Category: Business, Finance
      Copyright: © 2020 Scruptly. All rights reserved. Creator: Boubou DOUCOURET (bdoucouret@scruptly.fr)


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