Math Kobold - Learning Game
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Description :
Learn quick mental arithmetic step by step with Math Kobold. Fun levels, good music and various rewards create a positive atmosphere for practice and motivate to play again.

Join Math Kobold on his journey through the woods and hills and hold off nasty opponents by quickly solving math problems.

Before you take off, you choose which kind of problems you want to solve: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Then select the number range (up to 10, 20, 50, 100 or 1000) and the Kobold is ready to go.

On his journey the Math Kobold meets many creatures that all have one thing in common: He can only pass if he solves the math problem they present.
You choose between two possible results by tapping the side of the screen where the correct result appears. And if you ever got one wrong: The Kobold is a tough guy and has more than one life!
And at the end of each level a chest of gold is waiting for you and you can advance to the next level or choose a higher speed. So do you think you can make it to the last level with lightning speed?

This app has the following motivating features for children in primary school age and beyond:
- Supports all basic calculations including multiplication tables
- Multiple unlockable difficulty levels provide challenges for all ages and skill levels
- The adaptive math problem generator will select easier calculations if you cannot solve some in a row
- Random and constant repetition of tasks improves mental arithmetics and times tables skills
- The Math Kobold rewards fast selection of results with his legendary 'Yeah'-Move
- The more 'Yeah!' moves, the more stars you get for that level
- Different gameplay settings and cool music keeps everyone coming back even in times when math is not on top of your list

What was important for us when developing the Math Kobold app?
1. Training mental arithmetics and basic math skill should be fun!
2. Create a game that kids would love to play, with math problem solving as the key element to progress in the game.
3. Incorporate the feedback from children (including our own) and parents!
4. Make it challenging enough so that kids really want to work on their math skills.

We are happy about any feedback and ideas that you have. Get in touch!

Have fun with the Math Kobold on your way to become the fastest mental arithmetics champ on earth (or at least in your neighborhood)!
      Released: 2020-11-25
      Updated: 2021-01-20
      Current version: 2.0
      Size: 104.48 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Fabian Klebert
      Category: Games, Education, Adventure, Family, Quiz
      Copyright: © 2020 Klebert Engineering


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