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Description :
The new Pressure and Time app is an essential management tool to have for any non-renewable gas resource.

Pressure, bars, hectopascals and other metrics used to measure pressure all require additional calculations in the operational use of any gas.

Time is a universal metric understood by virtually anyone in the world and does not require translation or conversion to understand quantity and consumption.

Cylinder size, Flow rate and pressure quantity amount (PSI, BARA, KPA, etc) are all that are needed to arrive at a duration (time remaining).

The Pressure and Time app will count down numerically in hours, minutes and seconds. An outside color ring is also another indication of time remaining. If the ring is Green there is more than :45 minutes of the gas remaining. If the ring is yellow then there is less than :45 minutes of gas remaining and if the ring is red there is less than :15 minutes of gas remaining.

The Pressure and Time app is currently designed for oxygen cylinders whose normal oxygen capacity is 1850 psi when full, but the user can enter as high as 2000 psi for gas expansion.
Additional gases will be added in the future. If you have a specific gas you would like to have available please contact us at

      Released: 2020-12-23
      Updated: 2021-04-23
      Current version: 1.1
      Size: 1.57 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: Aeronautical Data Systems Inc.
      Category: Utilities, Productivity
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