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Description :
Star Stacker allows you to import a sequence of star photos taken throughout the night and turn them into star trail images or a time lapse video.

After importing you can create the images and/or a time-lapse video with a few different effects.

- Full trails - every star at full brightness
- Faded trails - Stars get brighter as the process runs
- Shooting star - Like faded trails but the last image is brighter than any previous giving a shooting star effect
- Warp mode - zooms into the image stack slowly creating a warped effect. This will also affect the foreground so post processing may be required if the images have the foreground included.

You can also choose to save a video of the time-lapse based on the options used for the image stacking.

Can import images from your photos app. RAW files that have been recently imported from an SD card reader, may take a few minutes before the full resolution files are available.

There are resolution limits depending on the device being used and the memory it has:
- 6gb - 62mp
- 5gb - 62mp
- 4gb - 62mp
- 3gb - 42mp
- 2gb - 30mp
      Released: 2021-03-01
      Updated: 2021-04-23
      Current version: 1.01
      Size: 3.22 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Seller: michael webb
      Category: Photo & Video,


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