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Description :
Intelligent App trained to recognise objects autonomous and text to voice recognition.

InstantQuiz is a speaking Object Detector and Speaking Quiz App.
Full of modern Artificial Intelligence from quiz to objects, hence the app senses its environment by recognising the objects around it, then execute these objects through text and speech, this is available in the Scan and Detect screen tab in the middle of the app.
Click the button at the bottom of the screen to hear speech real time, and train your brain from the objects around you.
Logo Speaking quiz game.
Country, Cars, Football Speaking Quiz and many more.
Drag and Match Speaking Quiz.

InstantQuiz is a Human brain training quiz app, developed to improve speaking and general quiz. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence in effort to speed up the human focus and concentration.

The intelligence in the this app also is to help with the interaction and engagement, between user and the app, to help isolate the loneliness, hence the Scan and Detect feature is the key solution in solving the loneliness, as user can move around scanning objects while the results being read out and displayed at the bottom of the screen.

English Speaking app (yes)
Scan and Detect Objects press buttons to listen to the objects being read out.
Over 18+ categories of quiz you can pick from and all are equipped and modernised question through the intelligence in the app.
Spanish and other languages are yet to be released, but the buttons have already been designed.
      Released: 2021-06-04
      Updated: 2021-06-18
      Current version: 1.0
      Size: 338.69 Mo
      Rated: 17+
      Seller: Tonderai Cheza
      Category: Health & Fitness, Games, Music, Quiz
      Copyright: © InstantQuiz


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