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Description :
Euchre Baron defeated Keyon Beckley and Dino Nobilucci by three games to two, winning the 2011 World Series of Euchre Human-Computer Championship. Beckley and Nobilucci had just captured the 2011 World Series of Euchre Partners Championship title by finishing first in a field of 96 players in the main event of the 12th Annual Grand Prix Tournament in Westerville, Ohio
Euchre program for iPhone / iPod / iPad with adjustable partnership agreements for:
- When to make trump
- Donating
- When to lead trump
- Preventing opponents' loners

Euchre Baron Pro was developed in consultation with Joe Andrews, author of The Complete Win at Euchre.

At the world Series of Euchre Brent Spivak ( The 2009 World Series of Euchre champion) commented about Euchre Baron and human opponents :
"Rock solid program. Beats 75% of the competition."

- 16 adjustable partnership agreements for each side
- Powerful computer players
- Every possible Euchre deal.
- Play to 10, 11, or 15.
- Optional "stick the dealer".
- Option for whether dealer's partner may order up (Canadian rule).
- Take back your calls and plays.
- Get a hint at any time.
- Review the hands for the previous deal.
- Five game speeds, from very fast to very slow.
- Optionally play meaningless tricks automatically.
- Continue game if interrupted by a phone call.

Euchre Baron is different from other euchre software in several ways. Most other euchre software works primarily on the basis of what artificial intelligence researchers refer to as expert systems: collections of rules designed by humans to compute decisions about trump-making, the discard, and play of the cards. We developed Euchre Baron to compute decisions primarily by using what artificial intelligence researchers refer to as search: projecting the hypothetical result of playing out the deal.

To make a decision on whether to make trump or pass, what card to discard as dealer, or what card to play to a trick, Euchre Baron imagines possible hands for the other players, based on its hand and the actions that all players have taken so far. Based on these possible hands, it constructs dozens of possible complete deals.
Then, for each of these deals, the program projects the hypothetical score for playing out the deal, depending on what decision it makes. The program then makes the decision that leads to the best score on these dozens of deals.

Great Game Products has been publishing card-game software for over twenty years, including Bridge Baron, our popular software for the card game bridge. The Euchre Baron developers brought their expertise to the Euchre Baron project after honing their skills through their years of experience at Great Game Products developing Bridge Baron and other card-game software.
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Released: 2009-11-25
Updated: 2017-03-13
Current version: 1.3
Size: 9.44 Mo
Rated: 4+
Seller: Great Game Products, Inc.
Category: Games, Card
Copyright: © 2009-2011 Great Game Products Inc.

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