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Description :
Bridge Baron Teacher offers the most comprehensive bridge courses available on the iPad.
With Bridge Baron Teacher you can build your own hands and study them, using different bidding system, signalling settings and computer skill level.
Introduction to Bridge - Play and Learn with Pat Harrington - Lessons 1-6 and 7-13
How to Play Card Combinations by Cornelia Yodel
Learn and Practice Bidding Conventions

Introduction to Bridge - Play and Learn with Pat Harrington - Lessons 1-6 - $34.95
This is the Introductory course offered by Pat Harrington to her beginner students. You will learn to play bridge from scratch. No prior knowledge is required.
Teaches both bidding and play
Paced appropriately for beginners
Lessons 1-3 teach the mechanics, trick taking, and provide the background for bidding
Lessons 4-6 teach opening bids and their responses
Quizzes to reinforce your understanding
Includes 38 carefully crafted instructional deals, and 92 BONUS practice hands
Presented in an easy-to-use, interactive format.

Introduction to Bridge - Play and Learn with Pat Harrington - Lessons 7-13 - $34.95
This is the second part of the Introduction to bridge. Upon it's completion you have learned all you need to know to play good bridge with your friends
Learn about dummy points, rebids, takeout doubles, preempts, weak two bids, the "Strong Two Clubs" opening bid and Stayman
A good brush-up for those who already play and would like to improve their bridge skills
More Quizzes to reinforce your understanding
Over 200 bonus deals

How to Play Card Combinations by Cornelia Yoder - Lesson 1: Holding split AK109 - $5.99
This card combination occurs often enough as your trump suit that it is important to know the right way to play it.
How to Play Card Combinations By Cornelia Yoder - Lesson 2: Missing Jxxx - $5.99
This card combination occurs very frequently, often as your trump suit or as your long suit at NT.

Learn and Practice Bidding Conventions : is a series of small lessons, that teach you how to use the most common conventions - $5.99
Michaels Cue-Bid
Unusual NT
Weak Two Bids
Strong 2C
Takeout Doubles
Negative Doubles
Jacoby 2NT
Jacoby Transfers
Limit Major Raises
Forcing 1NT
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