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Description :
DialogMaster Pro (DMPro) is a rehearsal app for actors of all levels, from the beginner to the professional, available on iPhone and iPad.

DMPro helps you memorize lines, rehearse, and interact with the other characters in a script without having any scene partners in the room to rehearse with.

While it is important to read and absorb the script, having to continually read lines over can become tiring and time consuming, which is where DMPro helps speed up the process.

How does it work?

DMPro allows you to record and edit any character lines in a scene to assist with the memorizing and rehearsing process.

Recordings can be grouped together or skipped to focus on specific areas of a scene, and they can be played back on a continuous loop until you have them engrained in the memory bank.

Once you’ve memorized the scene, you can then apply further edits that will silence your own character’s lines, while all other characters will still be heard in the conversation. That way, you can say your own lines when prompted by the other characters, just like you would while performing.

The purpose of this is so you can rehearse as if all other scene partners are in the room rehearsing with you, yet you are not being assisted by your own character’s dialogue playing in the background when it’s time for your character to speak.

The app also provides the option to group entire projects together, so if you create a separate project for each scene, they can be grouped together later in the Projects screen to play in the correct order.

DMPro allows you to rehearse in the privacy of your own home while occupied with other daily tasks, whether it be preparing a meal, or getting dressed, or even in the car hands-free on the way to an audition, rehearsal, or performance.

The app can play in the background while the screen is off, or while other apps are open. It will also allow you to use your GPS maps at the same time, so if you are on your way to a casting or performance and need directions to get there, you can still rehearse on the way to brush up on your lines before you arrive!

Rehearse lines anywhere at any time with the ultimate mobile rehearsal app!

Stay ahead of the rest! Download DMPro today!

Main Features
• Record audio
• Copy, paste, and store scripts to refer to at any time
• Add up to 60 character names in one project
• Edit timeline
> Color-code characters and Tag their recordings in the timeline
> Group lines in playback
> Skip lines in playback
> Mute lines in playback
> Reduce or extend muting duration
> Insert new recordings
> Drag and reposition recordings in the timeline
> Delete recordings
> Zoom in or out on the timeline
> Store project notes and/or scripts.
> Bookmark recordings for tracking purposes
> Add Line Notes to individual recordings
> Temporarily disable any saved edits to the timeline
> Save multiple copies of the same project to edit different sections
• Group multiple projects in playback
• Continuous playback options
• Temporarily turn off previously saved muting without editing the project
• One touch Restart function
• Play while using other apps or while the screen is locked
• Instructions: http://www.appsuperlative.com

DMPro can be used for and by:
• Actors
• Public Speakers – Memorizing speeches
• Presenters – Mastering presentations
• Students – Memorizing exam Q&A
• Debaters – Practicing monologues and expected responses.
• Stand-Up Comics
• Singers – Song lyrics
• Language Students – Learning and repeating words and phrases.
• Wedding Speeches – Nail that wedding speech without reading it from the page.
• Audio Recorder – Record audio with the ability to edit and repeat playback.

Download DMPro today!
      Released: 2020-03-31
      Updated: 2021-04-21
      Current version: 1.03
      Size: 43.03 Mo
      Rated: 4+
      Category: Entertainment, Education
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