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Description :
«Back2Me» Are you feeling not so well? You want a shelf on the wall screws, go to the basement, open the tool cabinet and find that the drill is not there. Whom I have borrowed it? Or do you want anshen on a rainy day your favorite movie on DvD or Blu-ray, but the DvD is not on the shelf. Whom have I the loan? That is now over, thanks Back2Me.

«Back2Me» manages all your things (Tools, car, scooter, CDs, DvDs, books, etc.). In addition you can send an email as a reminder, to the person you have borrowed your things.

• unlimited number of entries
• Date of purchase
• Price
• Seller / store
• Location
• Manufacturer
• Comments
• Add a picture to each entry (from FaceTime camera, picture taker, photos and from iPhone/iPad)
• Search for picture on Google®
• Add unlimited attachments (Invoices, manuals etc.) to each entry
• List of favorites
• Unlimited number of user-defined categories
• Unlimited number of user-defined manufacturer
• Manage all tools
• Manage people
• Add people form contacts
• Add people form card file
• Assessment of persons
• View by categories or persons
• Sending reminder emails with the borrowed things
• Automatically calculation of the values of your things or individual categories
• Automatically save all changes
• Backup all data
• Restore all data
• Graphical overview
• Export graphical overview as PDF, SVG, BPM, GIF, JPG, PNG file
• Printing
• Import from a CSV file
• Export all data as a CSV file
• Export all data as a Excel® XLSX file
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  • iPhone4
    Released: 2014-08-30
    Updated: 2020-09-30
    Current version: 1.6.0
    Size: 37.89 Mo
    Rated: 4+
    Seller: Horst Jehle
    Category: Reference, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Productivity, Reference, Utilities
    Copyright: © 2014-2019 CIMSoft,


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