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Description :
Speech from Mr. "Plague", CEO of Plague Inc.:
"The time of man is going to the end!!! Ha, Ha, Ha..."
"Plague Inc. HQ has collected our brothers and sistors' working records all over the world and produce videos for your learning, including Normal, Brutal and Mega-brutal scenarios. I hope that you can learn the techniques and strategies, and become successful in your career. No mater you are the most efficient Bracteria, the most insidious Viruses or the clevest Parasites, there are excellent sample infections for your reference."

This unofficial video walkthrough for Plague Inc collected strategies and techniques from experienced players, provides you the information for exploring the game and enhancing your skill, let you enjoy the game even more.

Currently we collected 90+ videos in various languages and classified in the following pathogens:
- Bacteria
- Virus
- Fungus
- Parasite
- Prion
- Nano-Virus
- Bio-Weapon
- Neurax Worm
- Necroa Virus
- Simian Flu

When we discover other interesting videos, we will update the app.

Please note that this app uses IAP facility provided by Apple to download walkthrough videos. You only need to pay once when buying this app, and NO further payment when downloading walkthrough videos.

Please note that this is NOT the game "Plague Inc." itself, NOR an official walkthrough. All trademark and copyright belongs to Ndemic Creations LTD. Copyright of all characters, locations, images and video game content belong to their respective owners, using this walkthrough is only within the scope of fair use guidelines.
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Released: 2014-11-06
Updated: 2020-02-07
Current version: 2.0.2
Size: 19 Mo
Rated: 17+
Seller: Chi Kau Wan
Category: Reference, Games, Simulation, Strategy
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