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Description :
VetMapp is a animal lover project developed to assist you in the healthy life of our friends by offering you all the information and visuals of the closest veterinary clinics that you or your friends may need, or with the question and answer feature with veterinarians.


We have developed VetMapp for all animal lovers who are burning with love of heart and helping our friends. Our aim is to help our friends at home or on the street get their health by directing you to the right location every time they need our veterinarians and by giving them accurate and reliable information in a matter of asking questions to professionals.

VetMapp has been developed to help you reach your nearest veterinarian as quickly as possible. From the map you can see where the municipal shelters, sterilization and rehabilitation centers are located for the veterinarian or the street animals, and the route feature gives you easy access to the itinerary. You can also get access to working hours, addresses, services they provide, phone and internet pages of veterinary clinics or municipalities who will willingly help your friends or stray friends for free medical support.



The VetMapp map carries 5 different informations with 5 different coloured pins.

• Green: Currently open veterinary clinics
• Red: Currently closed veterinary clinics
• Orange: Veterinarian who is currently closed but can open his / her clinic if you call by phone
• Gray: Unconfirmed veterinary clinics
• Purple: Points marked with municipal ordinance are shelter, sterilization and rehabilitation centers that are free for the street animals of the district municipalities. Some municipalities have an emergency ambulance service and veterinarians who provide overnight services.



A more detailed clinical page opens when you press the Green, Red, Orange and Purple pins on the map. Here are the clinics' working hours, the services they serve, the photographs of the facility, logos and addresses of the clinics. It is also possible to reach landline and mobile phones, mail addresses and social media accounts of veterinary clinics whose information has been completed by the veterinarians themselves.



• Before you go to locations, always contact and confirm the accuracy of the information.
• VetMapp is not responsible for the quality of service of veterinary clinics you find through practice.
• Veterinarians who want to take part in VetMapp can send their locations and information to us by e-mails ->
• Veterinary clinics who have inaccurate information or want to change their existing information can reach us by e-mail. ->
• Veterinarians who do not want to take part in the VetMapp application can contact us by e-mail.
• You can help VetMapp maintain a healthy life for our little friends by sharing it on social media and suggesting friends.

Thank you for using VetMapp!
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